Monday, July 11, 2011

Decision Points

I just read George W. Bush's book, Decision Points. The book is impressive because it gives insight into what it means to be a good leader. While this is especially true when it comes to leader of the world's most powerful nation, it is also true for every leader, no matter how large or small their charge. The principle of decision making is the same. Good leaders must be prepared and unafraid to make timely decisions, both the easy and the difficult. Followers want direction. They are unwilling to move forward, until they receive guidance. Without a decision, they lack focus and motivation. Good leaders understand this need and respond.

This year has been full of moments where I have had to make decisions, many of them difficult because they dealt with people that I love. I am a decisive person, but I found myself hesitating because of the emotional attachments. I didn't want to "pull the trigger." I didn't want to face the changes that were needed in myself and in others. I was not being a good leader and these areas of my life and ministry were suffering as a result. God spoke to me through this book. I realized as a leader, I had to make the hard choices and leave the results in God's hands. Once I set aside my fear and made the difficult decisions, a sense of relief and a sense of peace returned to me and to those around me. The future became clearer and hope returned. Life is full of "decision points." Your success as leader will be determined in these moments.

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