Monday, March 12, 2012

Living Above Our Problems

During a recent Thrusday night prayer service the Lord challenged the El Oasis congregation to no longer live at the same level as their problems. The exhortation emphasized two important points.

First, it is an illusion to think that here on earth believers will one day no longer have problems. It won't happen since so many problems that Christians face come because they are "heavenly citizens" living in a world that fundamently opposed to God's priorities. So many are frustrated because they live with false expectations.

Secondly, when believers finally realize that utopia cannot be reached in this life, they tend to gravitate towards one of two extremes. They either give up on God or they just resign themselves to live a life as a victim. In both cases they miss out on a life of victory that God has promised his chidren.

The Lord encouraged those present that night to find victory in the midst of struggles. The Holy Spirit said this was possible for believers who would seek God with a pure and open heart. Mature Christians somehow learn to live on this special level.