Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Last week we lost our internet service for 2 days. In some foreign countries this is normal, but here in Lima not so much. I was amazed at my reaction to not having internet access. I felt panic. We could not call our daughters or our parents. (We do have a "land line," but it is so expensive.) We could not transfer money into the girls' accounts. We could not check e-mail. We could not check on international news, the stock market or baseball scores. Austin could not play any "on-line" games. What were we going to do? How would we survive? How long would this last?

The last time help such anxiety was during our first few weeks in Costa Rica where we studied Spanish. We had no car. It seemed like I had always driven. Driving was a right! Owning a car was like having an arm, a hand or legs. It was a necesity for living. It was difficult at first, but we made adjustments and modified our lifestyle. We survived for 1 year without "wheels."

The part that bothers me the most about these 2 moments in my life, is how "things" had become so important to me and to my well-being. I am not very astute when it comes to technology and I do not own very many technological devices. My cell phone is basic. Our TVs are simple and old. I really thought that, unlike others, I would have no problem if certain "things" were taken away from me. I was wrong. Last week's "near disaster" has caused me to, once again, evaluate how much time and how much importance I give to "things." It is easy to think we value "people" more than "things." But, is it true? How much do you need "things?" How much time do you spend with "things?" Last week I had a lot more time to give to Austin, to Kerri and to the Lord.

It is hard to imagine that the first A/G missionaries took several weeks to cross the ocean before arriving on the mission field and that for many years their only contact with home were letters. I am humbled by their commitment and their sacrifice.


Terry said...

I too am humbled by their commitment and sacrifice. But I am still humbled by the commitment and sacrifice of modern day missionaries also.

Mark said...

I am from tamps my wife and I will be moving To Lima in the near future I would like to vist your church as I am in town this weekend.

Mark leasure
please send me an address and service times
God Bless